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Luba Hilman | Любочка

🎼Singer/songwriter, composer, musician 📩 @jenny_smirnova 📱Website: 👇🏼The Floating Life💿
02.08.2022 14:33:11
“The Floating Life” EP album I have recently composed for an immersive dance performance 🤍 Please follow the link in bio👂🏼🔁 @floatinglifeperformance @aais_interprofessionals @kevin_yangyang 📸 @podvodoy #dance #immersive #album #music
London, United Kingdom
22.08.2022 15:18:18
Performing at @edfringe for the first time with @floatinglifeperformance And my first trip to Edinburgh 🥳 Thanks 🤍 to each one of you @kevin_yangyang @jason_yippy @lcanqi @lottie_go @le.lyu @gladyswen @hsinyu_pinkywu @yuri._.furtado @christinasar #edfringe2022 #edinbrugh
Edinburgh Fringe
Will be performing 🎼 at @pushkinhouselondon for @kupferproject 26 July at 20:00 Link in bio to register 🤍 📸 @podvodoy
Гуляла я по Hampstead 📷
London, United Kingdom
Сегодня залили новый альбом 🎧 выйдет в июле 🐡🫢
working name “Odyssey”, with a piano part by @lovelubochka
30.05.2022 18:42:02
5 days, 3 countries, 7 towns 🇨🇭🇫🇷🇲🇨
Monte-Carlo, Monaco

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