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Based in 🇬🇧 Made in 🇹🇼 @theplacelondon 2019-2022
20210709 🦭 The second year is officially finished!! It’s been an unreal and difficult one, but I’m still grateful for both good and bad things happened to me. #bbcnews #pximprovdiary #taiwan #byebyeba2
20211031 🦑 Some improv clips from these days. Should probably do more improv. Almost forgotten how I am a student in a contemporary dance school xxx You’d better stop looking at yourself in the mirror when doing improv Pinky! Music by @dominikeulberg @rivalconsoles #lifeinLon #w7 #pximprovdiary #studios
The Place
20221112 🍲☕️🪁🥏🏕⛺️🔦
20220929 Had a great time! Thank you for capturing these moments 🫧 📷📸 @codysmoving #w52 #outdoor #shooting #photographer #graffiti #bricklane
Brick Lane
20220708 🎓 Oh and this one graduated two months ago!!! Truly grateful for everything and everyone throughout this journey. I love you all and I miss you all ❤️❤️❤️ 特別感謝我的家人們 謝謝你們的支持和容忍我的任性和不成熟 😛 🫶🏻 #graduation #theplace #lcds #2022july #contemporarydance #gocrazy #gocreative
London Contemporary Dance School
31.08.2022 23:17:25
20220831 Thank you for the amazing music. And thank you for broadening my unforgivably narrow music taste @lala4781 🦑 #dontowncopyrightstosong #pximprovdiary
31.08.2022 18:52:02
20220831 🪸 It’s the arms today. And that is my thinking face without doubt. Thank you for the amazing music. #dontowncopyrightstosong #pximprovdiary #livingroom #stillmoving
19.07.2022 01:43:30
20220718 [Day 1 in Berlin] Came straight into a second workshop after Deltebre. I’ve become so appreciative of heatstroke-proof, ac-guaranteed studios 🙏🏻 Kinda enjoy this continuously loading information lifestyle. You chill and pant, sweat and satisfy, have no drive or sometimes hyper-energy. Now I need some moment to record/ digest what I’ve received. - Feeling a lot happening in my feet today. Very sensitive, expressive and curious. Thx to the rushing to the studio in my martins🦶🏻 - Manifesting myself to a place/ life I’d enjoy. 👤 #lifeinberlin #pximprovdiary #appreciative #workshops #intensive #manifest #drive #feet #legs #curiosity #sensitivity #articulating #exploring #flights #trips
01.07.2022 14:38:46
20220627 🚪🪟 This was from Monday as well. Things in London really go up and down rapidly and unexpectedly. Now my spirit does that too. Feeling like a fly that always finds its way to sneak in from a slit, yet always struggles to get out through the widely-opened door. *don’t own the right to the music* #w39 #lifeinlon #pximprovdiary #improvisation #圖文不符
30.06.2022 10:34:36
20220627 Yeah… improv’s supposed to be fun. With my new pug shirt. Carpets are not spinning-friendly. Last couple weeks before being let go 🙃 Wish me luck. Wish us luck. *don’t own the rights to the music* #w39 #lifeinlon #pximprovdiary #improvisation #pug #uniqlo #latenightimprov #作息不正常中
20220523 24 🎥 (過了好久終於來開始整理照片了) -Prague- 第一天到布拉格 還在往hotel的路上就在想什麼時候可以再來 真的太美了 - 布拉格大概是這幾個城市裡面我覺得最緊張/沒有安全感的 出發前有學一點點德文 所以Wien+ Hannover+ Bremen比較沒那麼緊張 (至少食物的名字 早安午安晚安謝謝再見還說得出來) 但捷克語⋯連要怎麼發音打招呼都不會 外加聽說是個很容易被__的城市 一下火車就開啟200%的警覺 本來以為一定會遇到pickpocket 靠著在倫敦訓練出走錯路也要大步走的態度 加上不是旅遊旺季 這次很幸運沒遇到 And I’d like to keep it this way for the future. - 訂房的時候剛好看到有打折 check in 之後感覺這個豪華程度好像不太對 才發現是個四星hotel 感謝家人的贊助❤️ - 第一天天氣超級好 第二天去Prague castle 颳風下雨相機沒電哈哈 but had a dinner that I’m still dreaming about it til this day - 然後捷克的啤酒比氣泡水還便宜哈 1. Astronomical clock- 別的導覽團在介紹怎麼看這個鐘的時候 我:picture, picture, and picture. Done. 2.3. Views on top of the tower- 在上面繞了三圈才肯下來 4. Dancing House- looks cool but I was just too tired 😅 5. 在這個market買了一個枇杷膏味的蜂蜜 6.7.8. Charles Bridge- 被三組人攔下來幫他們拍照 9. Outside of the Prague Castle- The last photo of the day right before my camera died. 10. Really like the color of their trams, and how the locals would stare at your cute jumper, definitely not bcuz you are Asian xxx #wasw35 #solotrip #prague #praha #prag #goodviews #nottoobadweather #unbelievablygoodhotel #astronamicalclock #localmarkets #localpeople #tourists #4star #seeyousoon
Prague, Czech Republic
20220525 Wien- Day 1 Once again, it rained. And once again, I was badly wowed even so. You don’t get things like these elsewhere, so just put on your thickest skin and take as many photos as possible whenever and wherever 😎 Ps. There are just unbelievably huge amount of photos of Praha, yet not enough time to look into them. Will keep you updated. #w35 #wien #buildings #incredible #solotrip #stop3 #rain #windy #streets #allies

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